Saturday, 21 September 2013

Weekend Echo-Advise to Wives!!!!!

Dear Wives Never Take these things for Granted:
  1. Never take his ball for granted: His penis is fun to play with but so are his balls. Play around with them, too. See what he likes. He should return the favor when it’s time for him to really take care of you. You’re more than just your vaginal opening, right? He’s more than just his appendage.
  2. Never take everything way too seriously. Laugh a little. Sex is fun — it’s even funny sometimes. Don’t let falling off the bed or an accidental fart ruin the mood. Laugh, then get back to it.

  Never stop asking for what makes you feel good. The first step in experiencing sexual pleasure is to know what pleasures you. Ask for it. A good lover should want to make you come — and be willing to take the time to get you there.