Monday, 9 September 2013

Tips for Having Fresh Breath

After you brush your teeth and scrape your tongue, rinse your mouth thoroughly and gargle with fresh, cool water-for it we have discovered that so many sexual relationships have been destroyed because of bad breath. So in today write up we shall consider causes and how to eliminate this challenge, so that our sex life(kissing) can be enjoyed without any embarrassment.

Have you ever turned away your face suddenly when you talking to someone or affording to kiss your spouse early in the morning??? If I am not wrong, then it is due to Bad Breath of that person. Bad breath is a common humiliating problem which can lead to a serious embarrassment for an individual who is suffering from it. Bad breath is also known as Halitosis and it affects the individual’s life by making him/her self-conscious.

Many people have bad breath without even realizing it. This can reduce your likelihood of enjoying sexual intimacy with your spouse. The single most important aspect of having fresh breath is to have proper oral hygiene.


Poor oral hygiene: This simply means poor tongue cleaning and teeth brushing habits, there are over 600 types of bacteria found in the average mouth. Many of these can produce high levels of foul odors when incubated in the laboratory. The odors are produced mainly due to the breakdown of proteins into individual amino acids, followed by the further breakdown of certain amino acids to produce detectable foul gases. Tongue bacteria produce malodorous compounds and fatty acids, and account for 80 to 90% of all cases of mouth-related bad breath. Large quantities of naturally-occurring bacteria are often found on the posterior dorsum of the tongue, where they are relatively undisturbed by normal activity. This part of the tongue is relatively dry and poorly cleansed

Foods: Basically, bad breath is caused by the food particles which remain jammed long in the teeth or the tongue. If the food particles are not often cleaned or removed from the mouth, then they can initiate to rot inside and release a foul smell on breathing. If an individual ignores the proper mouth cleaning for a long time, then the rot can be rise in the mouth incessantly which can lead to rise of harmful bacteria. And this can lead to diseases like tooth decay and gingivitis. If the person does not consider these diseases seriously, then they can further increase the problem and after that, the curing of it will be more difficult. Moreover, there are some specific foods which have a propensity for smelling foul within the mouth and worsen the problem. Garlic, onion, soda, orange juice, some spices and cheese are certain commonly consumed foods which can augment the foul smell.

Gum diseases: Gum diseases be it gingivitis or periodontitis or periodontium abscess have been found to contribute to the foul smell produced by the mouth.

Germs: Germs + Protein = Bad Breath…..yup, this is true. Naturally existed germs of mouth can cause 90-95 % of bad breath when they mix with protein particles. When the germs get metabolized, they produce a sulfur gas having foul smell like rotten eggs. Do you know the reason of morning bad breath? The reason is saliva. Mouth produces less saliva in sleeping condition than wakeful condition. Saliva works as a buffer and it neutralizes and expels bacteria. While amount of saliva is less in mouth, mouth become dry and the level of acid increases that can lead bacteria for producing foul smelling gases.

Some disease conditions: Condition such as acid-reflux leads to a regurgitation of food in the esophagus and there the food mix with enzymes & bacteria to produce bad breath.

Smoking: Smoking has also been found to be a cause of bad breath, cigarette on its own has an awful smell, while marijuana causes xerostomia (dry mouth) thus providing a conducive environment for bacterial replication, growth and tooth resorption

Drugs: Some drugs such as anti-depressants and anti-histamines have been found to be associated with bad breath.


 Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue first thing every morning and also after each time you take a nap*

 After you brush your teeth and scrape your tongue, rinse your mouth thoroughly and gargle with fresh, cool water*

 Rinse your mouth/teeth after eating*

 Drink a lot of water*

 Eat lеѕѕ meat and more vegetables and fruits*

 Stop smoking*

 Brush your mouth and drink alot of water after eating foods such as garlic, onions, sugary foods, meats, fish, poultry, and eggs.*

 The use of mint chewing gum, mouthwash, and candy are not adequate solutions for dealing with bad breath, as they do not address the root cause, which is improper hygiene.*

 Chewing fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary and parsley also helps to prevent bad smells after a foul meal. This is due to the chlorophyll present in the leaves which helps to neutralize strong smells.*

 Have regular dental checkups, I recommend at least thrice a year*,,