Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Performance of Your Penis and Vitamin

"Low Levels of this nutrient may cause your penis to let you down"

Lacking enough of the sunshine vitamin might snuff out the lights on your bedroom game.  New research from Italy suggests that low levels of vitamin D may increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.
When researchers tested 143 men with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, they found that nearly half of them were coming up deficient in D, and only one in five had optimal levels of the nutrient. What’s more, men with severe cases of ED had vitamin D levels that were about 24 percent lower than those of men with mild forms of the condition.
Insufficient levels of D may spur the production of free radicals called superoxide ions, according to study author Alessandra Barassi, M.D., and her research team. These free radicals deplete your nitric oxide, a molecule that helps your blood vessels function properly. The result: It makes it hard to, well, get hard.
“Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to relax, which increases the blood flow and causes an erection under normal circumstances,” says Larry Lipshultz, M.D., a Men’s Health urology advisor.  Without the necessary amounts of nitric acid, though, your blood vessels may not relax enough to allow for an erection.
If you suffer from ED, ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. For ED patients with low levels, the study recommends taking supplements to get back to the optimal level of 30 ng/mL or above.
As for men with normal erectile functioning, Dr. Barassi says she’s currently studying whether vitamin D supplementation may act as a preventive measure to delay ED.

Importance Steps to Increase your sexual Vitamin
1.    Take time to take a stroll or walk out, the abnormal erectile functioning can be addressed if most working class corporate men find time to walk out or stroll more. The day time sitting in the office all through and driving or been driven on long hours affect erection. So it will be advisable that sometime men should take time off to walk around.
2.    Be friendly with Fruits: It is very important that instead of investing on alcoholic drinks you invest more on fruits and good nuts. Although red wine is good if taking appropriately, but close relationship with beer and other strong drink should be avoided if you still want to be relevant in the bedroom.
3.     The color of your skin. Melanin is the substance in skin that makes it dark. It “competes” for UVB with the substance in the skin that kick-starts the body’s vitamin D production. As a result, dark-skinned people tend to require more UVB exposure than light-skinned people to generate the same amount of vitamin D.
4.    The temperature of your skin. Warm skin is a more efficient producer of vitamin D than cool skin. So, on a sunny, hot summer day, you’ll make more vitamin D than on a cool one.
5.    Your weight. Fat tissue sops up vitamin D, so it’s been proposed that it might be a vitamin D rainy-day fund: a source of the vitamin when intake is low or production is reduced. But studies have also shown that being obese is correlated with low vitamin D levels and that being overweight may affect the bioavailability of vitamin D.
6.     Your age. Compared with younger people, older people have lower levels of the substance in the skin that UVB light converts into the vitamin D precursor, and there’s experimental evidence that older people are less efficient vitamin D producers than younger people. Yet the National Center for Health Statistics data on vitamin D levels fly in the face of the conventional wisdom that vitamin D inadequacy is a big problem among older people. They don’t show a major drop-off in levels between middle-aged people and older folks.

Friday, 26 June 2015

How to Delay Ejaculation to Last Longer in Bed

Ejaculation can be considered premature when it occurs 30 seconds to 4 minutes into sex, depending on different cultures, countries and experts. However, it seems that most tend to agree that any sexual intercourse lasting less than 2 minutes can be considered premature ejaculation (statement source-

Learn to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed by trying these simple tips to delay and prolong ejaculation. This will enable you and your partner to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Kegel exercises - Kegel exercises can help you prolong ejaculation. Kegels are those muscles that you use for controlling urination. So, flex these muscles about 30 times a day to delay ejaculation. Stop the flow of urine for 30—60 seconds (once a day). This technique should become easy if you practice from time to time.

Squeeze technique - Prolong ejaculation and delay it by holding the tip of the head of the man-hood. Squeezing the tip of the man-hood can help control premature ejaculation. So your partner can also help you to squeeze the tip of your penile during intercourse.

Use a Condom: Condoms reduce sensation to the penis, making overstimulation less of a problem. Avoid condoms with lubricants that impart different sensations, like tingling or warm sensation. It goes without saying, but the more stimulation, the easier the ejaculation.

Condoms that are marketed to help men last longer often contain a gel or a cream inside the condom that has benzocaine as an active ingredient. Benzocaine works by slightly numbing or desensitizing the skin on a man’s penis. By reducing sensation during sex, condoms with benzocaine may help men to last longer by several minutes. For men who come more quickly than they or their partner would like, this can be very appealing.

Health Warnings- Most men are able to use condoms that contain benzocaine without experiencing any negative side effects. However, some men may be sensitive or allergic to benzocaine or to other ingredients used in the cream or gel that’s inside the condom. In fact, some case reports describe men who have experienced redness, inflammation or other irritation – sometimes quite severe – to their penis. - See more at:

One issue I have with delay condoms is that they simply don’t help to fix the underlying problem. You still will cum too soon when you don’t use something to numb your penis. It’s way better to train yourself to last longer naturally, so that you don’t need to use some kind of chemical.

Testes - The scrotum rises as a man reaches climax and is on the verge of ejaculation. So, delay ejaculation by pulling the scrotum away from the body or your partner helps to massage during sex.

Change focus - Rather than concentrating on ejaculation, concentrate on your partner’s pleasure. Think more of satisfying him/her, letting her/him knows that you are fully involved at the ‘act time’.

Combination of thrusts - Delay ejaculation or male climax by combining shallow thrusts with deep thrusts. These techniques helps prolong ejaculation and will make you last longer in bed.

Massage the prostate gland - When you practice delaying ejaculation, the prostate gland turns sore. Hence it is important to massage the gland to prevent any kind of pain.

Perineum pressure - Delay ejaculation by applying pressure to the perineum, which is the spot between the anus and scrotum. The prostate gland expands and contracts while reaching climax or ejaculation. So, by applying pressure on this spot, one can prolong ejaculation.
Pelvic muscles - Squeeze the pubococcygeous muscle to stop ejaculating. Contract these muscles, which are used for controlling urine; doing so regularly helps you delay ejaculation.

Blueberries - This berry is known to delay ejaculation, as it relaxes the nerves in the man-hood.
Other Aphrodisaic foods are:
•Garlic •Sweet potatoes •Pumpkin Leaves •Lobsters •Shrimps •Crustaceans
•Oyster •A little red wine •Chicken Breasts •Olive oil •Bananas •Grapes

Woman-on-top - This sex position reduces your chances of premature ejaculation, thereby helping you last longer in bed. Switch to the woman-on-top sex position to delay ejaculation.

Start and stop - When you have the urge to release, stop, pull out and then thrust again. Also, the start and stop method helps a couple to last longer in bed and enjoy the full sexual experience. This delay technique requires great perseverance and has to be used regularly.

Self Service and Control your Climax - It involves stimulating the penis and stopping just before you feel you’re about to ejaculate. Stop the ejaculation for at least, 20secs—50 seconds and start again once you feel you’re back on track, repeat this process and measure your results.
Self service can help you prolong sex, so delay ejaculation by self servicing at least an hour before intercourse.

Before engaging in intercourse, engage in foreplay – ask your partner to gently massage the man-hood along with lubrication. In time this method can help you prolong ejaculation. And if you release, she can help you to come up again, at this point you will not ejaculate on time again. There is no reason not to have another round even when you have ejaculated. If your partner is accommodating, the experience can be quite enjoyable. Each time you orgasm, she will find you last longer the next round.

We should also understand that premature ejaculation is more of a psychological thing, I mean more of mindset. So you have to train your mind, it also has to do with how you breath during sex, taking big breaths will surely help to reduce ejaculatory response-so it is perfectly normal to breath hard when you are having sex. Moving of your penile and pelvic is also very important.

Source material from,,

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Fascination of Great Morning Sex

It does more than put a smile on your face--it boosts your health, your looks, and your bond... Elise Nersesian.

Waking up in the morning, and having a good sex with my wife- either prolong or quickie, pulls out the best energy for the day and sets me in a happy mood. If you do wake up tired, please try this God given natural exercise and fun play with you hubby. After all, scientists say that people who start their days by having sex are all-around healthier and happier than those who don't.

"Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long," says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., author of Because It Feels Good. It makes you stronger and more beautiful too: Morning sex can strengthen your immune system for the day by enhancing your levels of IgA- an antibody that protects against infection(an immunoglobulin of the class IgA that include antibodies found in external bodily secretions (as saliva, tears, and sweat). And climaxing releases chemicals that boost levels of estrogen, which improves the tone and texture of your skin and hair. Want to max out the morning love? Follow these tips:

Give Him a Sexy Wake-Up Call

Set your alarm to play soft music, and as soon as you're roused, quietly slip out of your pj's. Then try this trick: If he's lying on his back, place your hands on his thighs with your thumbs pointing toward his genitals, suggests acupuncturist Alexis Arvidson. Allow your nipple to touch his nake-body, rub your soft palm around the tip of his penis. Move your thumbs in a slow, firm circular motion, two inches in diameter. According to the ancient teachings of acupuncture, rubbing this thin-skinned area will get the blood flowing straight to his penial regions. Well, isn't that convenient, since that's where you're headed next!

Get Fresh

Sneaking off to the bathroom to brush your teeth can do more than ward off dragon breathe. "Not only will your kisses be minty, but the menthol in your toothpaste can give your guy a tingly thrill during oral sex," Herbenick says. Focus on the head of his penis and his scrotal skin, two nerve-rich areas. Just note: It takes a few minutes for the effects of menthol to work, so be patient—he may not feel it at first.

Enjoy the View

Part of what makes morning sex so deliciously primal is that, in the light of day, it's difficult to hide your so-called flaws. So let your insecurities take a backseat to pure, unadulterated pleasure, and instead of covering up under the blankets, throw them off so you can both get a visual thrill. He'll bask in the eye candy, and you will too: Studies conducted by Emory University found that women are just as visually aroused as men during sex.

Take Advantage of Nature

Your guy's body is hardwired to want sex first thing in the a.m. (hello, morning wood!). "While he sleeps, the testosterone he'll use for the upcoming day accumulates," says Gabrielle Lichterman, author of 28 Days. "From the time he wakes up, he has a three-hour window when he's brimming with peak levels." Don't let them go to waste: Hop aboard his primed body for some girl-on-top action.

Boost Your Animal Lust

As soon as you're awake, snuggle up to your guy and take a whiff. Because he hasn't showered yet, you'll feel extra turned on by his au naturel scent. According to scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, a man's musky underarm odor is a proven libido booster. Really, you can't make this stuff up!

Try a Cozy Move

Since you'll both be groggy, try a position that requires little to no effort: spooning. "While you're facing away from your guy, part your legs and guide him inside you," says New York City-based sex and marital therapist Jane Greer, Ph.D. "His hands will be free to roam all of your hot spots, and he can whisper in your ear.

Install a Double Showerhead

Taking a shower together sounds romantic and all, but let us get real: There's room under the water for only one person at a time. Fix that by getting a double showerhead (available at any home-goods store). Then crank up the water temp; heat brings blood to the skin's surface, making it more receptive to touch. And soap each other up with peppermint shower gel; the scent wakes you up as it triggers the same nerves that are activated by smelling salts, says research from Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia.

Have a Quickie

Sunrise sex doesn't have to be a drawn-out affair. In fact, "mornings are the perfect time to indulge in a quickie, because you'll probably be in a rush, and the heart-pounding adrenaline of spontaneous sex will intensify the entire experience," Greer says.

Pounce on him when he least expects it (say, while he's stepping out of the shower, getting dressed, or making breakfast). And you can ditch foreplay this time—studies published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that if women ignore outside distractions (for example, the television, their laptops), they can start to become aroused in 30 seconds flat. Keep in mind: Quickies don't necessarily have to include intercourse. A hot-and-heavy makeout session, copping a fast feel, or letting him catch you checking out his butt before you dash out the door for work will go a long way toward igniting your passion. The importance of Quickie is that it keeps both in a wondering mood of what the evening will be. 

Quickie can be done anywhere, anytime and at any given opportunity.



Thursday, 30 April 2015

Types of Kisses for Passionate Lovemaking

A kiss ignites a deep sense and a network of emotions. It sends out a sea of sensual feelings in your body. As you sink into your partner’s arms, your nerves calm down and you feel loved. As you further slip into the kiss, you feel a wave of thrilling shivers wash over you, which “warms up your blood”. And, you cannot deny that a kiss is that glorious gateway, which leads you into the wonderful world of lovemaking.
Here are different types of kisses, which can help you add spices of passion in your lovemaking session.

1. Nibble Nibble– the single lip kiss
The ‘single lip kiss’ is all about nibbling one of the lips of your partner. It is the most sensuous type of kiss ever. One of the partners can take the lead and nibble on, while the other can take it easy and respond subtly. Just enjoy the sensation, and do not get carried away with the biting part!

 2. The reverse kiss

The reverse kiss is on its way to achieve cult status in the kissing hall of fame, thanks to Spiderman! Remember, how he dangled upside down on his web and kissed Mary Jane in the movie? That is exactly how the reverse kiss works. Sneak behind your partner when he or she is seated or lying on the bed, tilt their head back and lock lips in the reverse position.

 3. Necking

Here, we mean necking literally. And ladies, leave this one to your man to try out, you just sit back and enjoy the sensation. So guys, hug your partner closely, place your mouth on her collar bone and work your way to her lips. To try another variation of this, you can move behind your partner and start by placing a kiss on the nape of her neck, and then work it up to her ear. Just remember to make your journey as passionate as possible. This kiss is also called the ‘Vampire’ kiss because of the way your man’s lips move on your neck.

4. The teaser

Now is the time to tease your partner a little! Run your tongue sensuously on your partner’s lips, and plant a kiss at the edge of his or her mouth. Kiss and nibble the edges of your lover’s mouth, but do not kiss the lips, just yet. This one is a real teaser and it would get your sweetheart to grab you in no time!

5. Deep tongues

 The ‘lip kiss’ is about comforting your partner and showering them with your attention. It is not so much about progressing into lovemaking. It is a way of showing that you care– deeply and truly. This is exploring your partner’s lips and tongue with the tip of your tongue, inserts your tongue lightly into your partner's mouth and let it dance with your partner's tongue. There are no rules; just try to make your motions smooth.

 6. The earlobe kiss

Ears are one of the most sensual parts of the body, so use this to your advantage! Start your passionate night by planting a lingering kiss on your partner’s earlobe. You can lick the earlobe slightly to see their reactions change as you tease them by delaying your kisses. In between your kisses and teases, whisper something naughty in your partner’s ears, and relish the wave of thrill that runs down their spine.

7. The ignition kiss

The ‘ignition’ kiss can ignite that subdued romantic bone in your partner. Begin by planting feather-light kisses on your beloved’s forehead. Move down to kiss your partner’s eyes, nose and every other part of the face. Add a short ‘teaser’ in this as well. And, now brace yourself, as you have just unleashed the waves of passion in your lover!
So, why not explore something new today? A French smooch is an all time favourite, but try different ways of kissing and get drenched in the passion that each of them triggers in you.



Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ways to Re ignite Passion In Your Relationship In 2015

Let's face it, keeping your relationship strong and dynamic is a huge challenge.

The biggest problem most couples face in the ever fast moving world is simply not creating time to be creative in their relationship and spend time every week finding new ways to surprise and be romantic to their partners.

After going to work, taking the kids to and from school, sports and other activities, cooking, cleaning and other daily tasks, there seems like little time to BREATHE!… let alone be romantic with your partner, this was the complain of a female colleague.

And that's where my collection comes in…

First of all: Realize that relationships take work, lots of it. Here are things you need to start doing right away to have the relationship of your dreams.

1. Deeply understand your partner

With the present economic challenge that most couples face, it has become a bit difficult for couples to find time for each other. This was the challenge I personally face mid last year, I have so much going on in my new assignment in my corporate world and also setting up businesses in some Africa countries, that it became so difficult to spend time with my beautiful wife.

But one of the things that helped us swim out of this turbulent part was the ability of myself and Helen to understand our vision as married couple- and to always talk about everything and anything.  

It is important to always open up the line of communication; this helps couples to understand their partner line of thought and fantasy. Never be afraid to ask your partner questions that troubles your mind, but it must be done with wisdom- understanding the best communication time.

2. Show your love in a UNIQUE way often

When was the last time you said "I love you?" Not just the words… but when did you really put some time and energy into it? Never underestimate how much a thoughtful "I love you" can turn around a relationship. Medical doctors and Psychologists have come to understand that words spoken with care and deep affection have a healing effect. So learn to say sweet and affectionate words to your spouse.

These I am committed to Do and What about you? Simple ideas:

1. Send them a unique gift at work. Get a piece of paper and some crayons. Draw a bright childlike picture with a smiley sun and two stick figures holding hands. Add labels with your two names pointing to the stick figures. Write ‘I Love You’ inside a heart. Next get a large formal envelope. Place your drawing inside and type up a formal address label of your partner's workplace, such as: “For the immediate and urgent attention of: Helen Obi 1431 Heritage Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.” Mail it to your partner so they receive it in the middle of a busy day.

2. Bring back childhood memories. Contact your partner's family and ask if there was anything she always wanted when she was a little girl. For example if she always wanted a porcelain doll, buy one for her birthday. She will not only appreciate the gift, but also the fact that you were thoughtful enough to find out what she always wanted. You can do this for your man too.

3. Create unique bedroom activities: I just recently started learning some massage tips, to be a fantastic spouse I have to be creative and bring in new sparks in my bedroom. So I have decided to be her masseur. All you need do is to buy a small, decorated cardboard box, a sheet of colored tissue paper, some massage oil and a blank card. Line the box with the tissue paper. Place the massage oil in the box and write the following message on the card: I know a great masseur. For an appointment call: (Your Phone Number)

4. Unique flower idea. Leave a long-stem rose where your partner will find it, with a note on it saying: "Thank you for coming into my life." Or “Without you my world is empty” etc.

3. Go on dates-Never stop this act

Is dating only for new relationships? NO!

While being with someone for a long time makes it easy to slip into a stable and comfortable routine, the problem is you often lose that spark that made your relationship so special in the first place.

Never stop dating! Have a water fight, stare at the clouds on a grassy hill, organize a backyard picnic or go to a cinema. Dedicate time each week or month to doing fun things with your partner.

4. Spark and fuel intimacy

Probably the most profound way to rekindle the romance in your marriage is to spice up your lovemaking.

Surprise your partner with a little gift after you make love, try a new position, learn to give your partner a sensual massage before or after, or just spend some time staring into each other’s eyes and caressing their bare skin before making love. Many people underestimate the
affect passionate and intimate lovemaking has on a relationship.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

7 Tips for Lifelong Romance and Intimacy Beyond the Bed

Intimacy is more than a three letter word; it is drawing close to another human being in a way that two meld into one including soul and spirit. This kind of intimacy is not cultivated in bed, but in time spent together enjoying all facets of life. This article presents seven tips on how to establish an everlasting bond with the love of your life and experience greater romance beyond the bed.

Practice Active Listening

The first tip to experiencing lifelong intimacy is to practice active listening. Active listening is engaging your whole being in the process of hearing and understanding the heart of your mate. For some it may mean taking notes in order to remain focused. For others, it will mean repeating back what was said and asking clarifying questions to make sure you received the message your lover wanted to convey. Experiencing romance beyond the bed starts with active listening.

Go on Date Nights

The second tip for experiencing lifelong intimacy is establishing a regular date night. Once a week or every other week, set time aside to get away for time to catch up. The blazing and dazzling of everyday life can be deafening and drain energy for connecting. Just taking special time to share a nice meal and talk together over coffee can make help extend the romance beyond the bed.

Take Periodic Vacations

Intimacy is established through emotional connections; so a third tip to experiencing romance beyond the bed is to take extended trips together. The duration of each trip is not as important as being together and getting lost in the excursion together. Find out what his or her ultimate one day, three day, and two week vacations are and make reservations to go there or do that. Don't be afraid or too macho to pour yourself into whatever is involved in such an excursion. Exotic foods, scary rides, unexpected surprises all help to form those intimate bonds that extend the romance beyond the bed.

Do the Hard Things with Them

Life is filled with many disappointments and frightening moments; therefore the fourth tip to greater intimacy is to do the hard things with your mate. Go to the hospital; go with them when they need to receive or share bad news; clean the house when they are down with the flu; take time off for back to school nights, parent teacher association meetings(PTA), or when moving a child to college. If you want to experience romance beyond the bed, do the hard things with the love of your life.

Pray with Them

The fifth tip for lifelong intimacy is to pray with your spouse or mate as much as possible. There is no greater activity to establish a deep connection with another person than to form a spiritual bond. Spiritual bonds go to the very core of a person's being. Praying together about all the cares of life will ignite a fire that kindles until death do you part, if you want to experience romance beyond the bed, spend time praying with your lover.

Take Walks Together

Taking slow walks together is another tip for cultivating lifelong intimacy. Taking slow walks together gives another opportunity to share time together and talk and grow closer together.

Hold Hands with Each Other

Holding hands together while walking together or sitting on the couch watching television is a seventh tip for establishing lifelong intimacy. Somehow holding hands together creates an extra sense of interdependence and the desire to be one together. It also seems to melt away any fear or apprehension that allows each person to be more transparent and vulnerable with their lover.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Sex is an important bonding component in marriage. So even if you feel somewhat separated from your spouse, sex can often be the experience that restores your bond, it  allow  both of you to feel closer, get affection and stimulate a sense of intimacy.
The world today offers conflict, pressure, disappointment, rejection, bitterness, performance evaluation of different source in marriage. Sexuality in marriage can be the antidote. To know and be known – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – I call it the healing balm in marriage, it performs one of the most healing aspects of a healthy marriage.
 For most men who are the introvert in relationships, sex can help them open up a little.
From a biological point of view, sex has a very positive effect on brain chemistry that can make an important contribution to the on-going health of your marriage. Sex primes the pump for intimacy and healing in marriage.

Marriages that don’t maintain their sexual vitality are very much at risk. Plan together to protect and promote your sex life (
 The more you think about sex, the more you will want it, so be sure to take time to think
about it. Read romance novels, listen to music, and watch movies.
It would be short sighted for couples to get married and talk about "till death do us part" if they didn't consider what they were going to do to keep their sex life interesting. Yet, that is what happens to most couples who wed.
Couples talk about their new place settings, TVs, and bedrooms sets etc, but are naive about the issues that will have a huge impact on their ability to keep their marriage healthy.
Married sex has the capacity to be the best sex, but only if the couple values its importance. Do value yours today