Sunday, 23 November 2014

7 Tips for Lifelong Romance and Intimacy Beyond the Bed

Intimacy is more than a three letter word; it is drawing close to another human being in a way that two meld into one including soul and spirit. This kind of intimacy is not cultivated in bed, but in time spent together enjoying all facets of life. This article presents seven tips on how to establish an everlasting bond with the love of your life and experience greater romance beyond the bed.

Practice Active Listening

The first tip to experiencing lifelong intimacy is to practice active listening. Active listening is engaging your whole being in the process of hearing and understanding the heart of your mate. For some it may mean taking notes in order to remain focused. For others, it will mean repeating back what was said and asking clarifying questions to make sure you received the message your lover wanted to convey. Experiencing romance beyond the bed starts with active listening.

Go on Date Nights

The second tip for experiencing lifelong intimacy is establishing a regular date night. Once a week or every other week, set time aside to get away for time to catch up. The blazing and dazzling of everyday life can be deafening and drain energy for connecting. Just taking special time to share a nice meal and talk together over coffee can make help extend the romance beyond the bed.

Take Periodic Vacations

Intimacy is established through emotional connections; so a third tip to experiencing romance beyond the bed is to take extended trips together. The duration of each trip is not as important as being together and getting lost in the excursion together. Find out what his or her ultimate one day, three day, and two week vacations are and make reservations to go there or do that. Don't be afraid or too macho to pour yourself into whatever is involved in such an excursion. Exotic foods, scary rides, unexpected surprises all help to form those intimate bonds that extend the romance beyond the bed.

Do the Hard Things with Them

Life is filled with many disappointments and frightening moments; therefore the fourth tip to greater intimacy is to do the hard things with your mate. Go to the hospital; go with them when they need to receive or share bad news; clean the house when they are down with the flu; take time off for back to school nights, parent teacher association meetings(PTA), or when moving a child to college. If you want to experience romance beyond the bed, do the hard things with the love of your life.

Pray with Them

The fifth tip for lifelong intimacy is to pray with your spouse or mate as much as possible. There is no greater activity to establish a deep connection with another person than to form a spiritual bond. Spiritual bonds go to the very core of a person's being. Praying together about all the cares of life will ignite a fire that kindles until death do you part, if you want to experience romance beyond the bed, spend time praying with your lover.

Take Walks Together

Taking slow walks together is another tip for cultivating lifelong intimacy. Taking slow walks together gives another opportunity to share time together and talk and grow closer together.

Hold Hands with Each Other

Holding hands together while walking together or sitting on the couch watching television is a seventh tip for establishing lifelong intimacy. Somehow holding hands together creates an extra sense of interdependence and the desire to be one together. It also seems to melt away any fear or apprehension that allows each person to be more transparent and vulnerable with their lover.