Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Understand the Road Map of  Her G-spot

It is important that spouses, create time to always talk about their orgasm fantasies, and do feel free to mix it up in your quest to bring her to orgasm. Because of its location, her clitoris can be stimulated in three main ways, each of which can take her over the edge.
  • Manual stimulation offers the easiest starting point, as you can still maintain a visual of what you're doing and you can easily understand her reaction.
  •  Oral attention adds the extra element of warmth and moisture that can help move things along.
  • Intercourse, especially with you on top, can provide a rhythmic addition to her stimulation if you position yourself correctly and have your pubic bone hitting her in just the right spot -- which can take a little practice but is worth the effort to perfect. If you can't seem to get this down, it's always OK to ask her for a little help; with positions that put her in the driver's seat, both of you will have your hands free to give your resting session a little boost.   

         Reference:askmen.com...become a better man