Thursday, 19 September 2013


Learn to Sense Her Orgasm and Follow Her Lead
I have heard a lot of talks as per sex in marriage (ideas and belief); from the Christian Community it is assumed that oral sex is sinful. But I have taken time to search the scriptures and I have not found one bible passage that states how couples should relate as regards to intimacy in their privacy. One thing is sure – marriage bed must not be defiled by infidelity, either with human help (extra-marital relationship) or material relationship-pornography, etc.
So to learn to sense her orgasm, it is necessary for husbands to understand how to ease into oral sex—don't just attack. First kiss her inner thighs and her inner and outer lips, then work your way inside using firm, broad strokes with your tongue. Watch her hips for a clue to the rhythm she likes. Listen to her gasps and moans as you experiment with different techniques.
And watch out for signs that show she's close to climaxing, such as a subtle deepening in the color of her labia caused by increased blood flow. Or rest a hand on her stomach and feel for the muscular contractions that immediately precede her orgasm.
Once you reach your point of no return, you'll climax even if you're interrupted. But your lady could hit the "off" switch if you stop or change moves midway to orgasm. She will love it when you try new things, and it's important to vary your technique, but once you've found a winner, stick with it until she crosses the finish line.