Monday, 23 September 2013


Don't be Selfish, Let Her Finish First

The world we lived in today, seems to have thrown away sacrifice and commitment out of the dictionary. Lot of men today tends to just get their way and move on, not considering their wives and love ones. The media and social entertainers make things worst, i strongly believe that for us to get the best in our sexual relationship with our spouses there is need for us to put our selfish desire and interest aside. Getting your wife to orgasm entitles serious sacrifice and patience.
Stalking the elusive tandem orgasm is an admirable goal, but many women—especially those with sensitive clitorises—respond better to a "ladies-first" strategy. If you rub the clitoris for a long time—during thrusting, for example—it can become too sore or desensitized to respond to manual or oral stimulation later. So satisfy her before intercourse-start the foul play first before intercourse. 
We should always remember that SATISFYING OUR SPOUSES SEXUAL NEED is more of team work not about individualism theory, as it depicts in our contemporary world.