Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How to Improve your Relationship with a Better Sex Life

We all want a great sex life with our partner, but sometimes the excuses build up until they become more routine than the sex itself. It can be difficult to get out of these traps once they’ve built up, but there are ways to get back to the great sex you used to have and even improve on it further. Sex can be great for fighting stress, reducing pain and building a stronger relationship with your partner. Here are some of the most common excuses and ways to combat them.

I’m exhausted
This is the most frequent complaint with people and it’s no surprise – our busy lifestyles leave little space for spending some alone time with our partners. However, it’s important that you do make time in order to strengthen the bond between you. Obviously carving some time out of your sleep will help, but you can also improve this by hitting the gym. It may seem counterproductive but you’ll feel more energetic, which will translate into more sex with your loved one.
“I have a headache”
It’s a classic line but it is actually true. Women who get frequent headaches report sexual dysfunction more than others, but if the regular painkillers aren’t working then speak to your GP. Some migraines can hinder your sex drive, which is bad news for you and your partner. However, you may find magnesium supplements helpful – again, speak to your GP who can advise you.
I’m just not in the mood
Over time, your desire for sex will gradually wane a little as the excitement in your relationship gradually decreases. This is totally normal and there are ways to improve it and bring it back. Try getting intimate with your partner somewhere other than your bedroom, to make things a little more exciting, or you can try fingering technique and sensation-enhancing gels to spice up your sex life. Hormonal shifts can be to blame as well, especially before your period, which can lead to irritability and bloating leaving you not feeling in the mood. Try to cut back on the salt and caffeine around this time, as well as drinking plenty of water, to try and limit the bloating.

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