Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

I want to use this opportunity to wish all my readers and contributors to this wonderful family blog-happy new year, to everyone of us i will say this year 2014 is a year of supernatural upgrade in all we do and especially in our family lives. Our sexual life with our spouses will take a new turn, we shall get more insight and creativity as we relate with our spouses. Our marriage bed shall not be defiled, sincerity and oneness of purpose we all shall experience in this brand new year.
We shall persever to see our marriage turning from good to better and to best. I sincerely want to appreciate you all for taking time to visit this blog. As this year progresses, we shall be be paying more attention on these four basic principles:

1. That both Husband and wife have sexual needs and drives that should be fulfilled in marriage
2. That as spouses, marriage has made us forfeit control of our body to our partners.
3. That spouses are forbidden to refuse each other as per their sexual needs.
4. That Sexuality in marriage is approved by God and should be upheld.

I sincerely wish everyone of us HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR....