Monday, 4 November 2013

Ways to keep Married Sex Exciting

Most times we allow what we watch on movies to affect our love life, thinking that intimacy in our marriage relationship does not require conscious effort- this lies have destroyed a lot of marriages. That is why i will be taking few days to explain ways of keeping our married sex still fascinating and exciting. Please follow me through these few days.
The first baby step to achieving this experience is UNDERSTANDING YOUR SEXUALITY
Many women will tell me the reason they don't hug or touch their husbands more is because their husband's mind goes directly to the goal of having sex, and they feel "too tired to get into all of that.“
 If you are going to build a healthier family you must begin with building a healthier marriage.
 If you are going to build a healthier marriage, you must build healthier communication.
If you are going to build healthier communication as a married couple, you must be able to talk about your sexual feelings with your spouse.
 If you are going to talk about your feelings toward sex, you have to become aware of your sexual/sensual self as a person.
 This step is so vital, a lot of men or women think that their spouse should just know what goes on on their mind/ imagination or their body system but forgetting that their spouses are just mortal, they don't have that capacity, they can only know if it is shared or discussed. In the real world if you don't take time to understand your sexual life, how do you expect your spouse to understand? Take time to start talking about yourself to your spouse.....the next step we will be looking at is the power of imagination to our sex life...see you in my next post